Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Well, not exactly a corner, more of a little den made from kitchen chairs and a quilt, but still..
it’s mine muhahahaha!

I originally purchased myself web space and a domain because it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. After a good couple of years I’ve finally done something with it (a little more than sharing shemale porn films between me and my friends anyway).
This site is where I will be uploading mixes too, both studio and live recordings. It is the first place you will see, and hear, of any forthcoming releases and/or bookings from my-chunky-self.

It is also the first place you will hear info on my new Digital Label releases, BuddaBeats. And, for those of you that are tighter than a cats arse, I’ll also be giving away some freebies now and then!


Whether you like me as a DJ or a Producer, or you just want to find out how big my man boobs actually are, then this site will benefit you no end. If you don’t like me, or my music, then that is fine my lovelies…just avoid/block the site and I can get on with spamming the living fuckery out of my little online home!


My intentions are to keep the site well updated with regular information, rave reviews and audio! In the event that I let the site go stale, through forgetfulness more than likely, then please feel free to contact me via any of the contact options below and give me a ruddy good bollocking.

If you have anything you think will contribute to the site, be it pictures, audio or video, then please click on the ‘Contact’ button and send me an email. I’ll reply as quick as I can.

Now go, my pretties. Make yourself a yummy beverage, click on the above navigation buttons above and make yourself at home.

Welcome to the world of the world of three times extra large!


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