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  1. 1st July 2005

    Renegade 2nd Birthday

    DJ TripleXL MC’s Fred-E, Psyrus & Triple B

    Our first event @ Caistor Town Hall after being turfed out of our previous venue in Barton (Assembly Rooms) by the blinkered fascists that are the local Barton Council.

    The event took place 4 months after the ‘official’ Birthday but, at the time, it was July or nothing at all.


  2. 2nd March 2007

    Hyper>>Vibe @ Carnival Inn, Barton upon Humber.

    D-Jam B2B TripleXL

    Hyper>>Vibe may have only been around for a handful of events but, crikey, did it make an impact.
    This set is (kind of) a Hardstyle vs Jumpstyle set. Andy D-Jam supplying the Hardstyle leaving me to supply the Jump. It went down (to my amazement) really really well and I had a great time doing the set with Andy!


  3. 3rd September 2010

    Sound Lab @ Venue, Scunthorpe.

    DJ TripleXL MC’s E-LL & Psyrus

    My first, and only, set at Sound Lab in Scunthorpe.
    It was quite a memorable event, actually. Not only because I got to work with one of my child hood heroes, MC E-LL, but because I had been threatened earlier that week on Facebook by a fake account pretending to be a friend of mine, Nico.
    I took a car full of friends that night, just to be on the safe side. But nothing actually came of the threats.
    All in all, I enjoyed my set.
    Psyrus jumped on the mic at the beginning, whilst we were waiting for E-LL, and did a great job of warming up the room!


  4. 16th December 2006

    Energize @ Ulceby Hall, North Lincs.

    TripleXL alongside MC’s Blitz, JP & Psyrus.

    Renegade’s first sister event. It only lasted one night but, jeebus, was it a night to remember!
    The sets from the event were never released so I suppose you could class this as an exclusive…if you’re into that kind of thing!


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